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Link Shorteners: Why Use Them Today?

We, humans, are fighters. We have never given-in to anything and have always been known to have found alternatives and solutions to the most challenging problems. Whether it was the invention of the wheel that solved our transportation inadequacies or the emergence of social media platforms to stay connected with the world, we have never taken no for an answer. And when Twitter said that we got only 140 characters to express our thoughts, we took it as a challenge! It became very tough to share links and say something meaningful about it in the same tweet. But, we did not give up. There were many sites that emerged and claimed to be the best URL shortener that can help solve this problem by reducing the character count of the link.

Well, this was the situation in the past. Now that Twitter doesn’t even count links in the 140 character limit, what is the need of these URL shorteners? Have they become obsolete? Well, apparently not!

Just like apes evolved to become the smarted species on the planet – the humans, link shorteners evolved to something even more powerful and useful. Now with a URL short link generator, you can share link and earn money.

While most platforms will promise this, there are hardly a few who deliver. You need to carefully scrutinize various platforms that offer this chance and then choose the one that is worthy of your trust and can be a dependable partner, who doesn’t let you down.

We at, offer you the opportunity to earn money by sharing links. Yes, you read that right! You can earn money when you share links shortened with our platform. Our business model is simple. Companies advertise on the bridge sites that are created for the time in which a short link redirects to the original ones. They pay us for using that space and we share the revenue with you.

At, we have always understood the importance of co-existence and sharing. We fully understand that we cannot grow without you. We think of our clients as our partners and thus, we don’t mind sharing our profits with you. We have scores of happy and satisfied clients who have partnered with us and now are our regulars. We would love to make sure that you also become a part of the family.

With us, you will not just earn money but will also gather insights. We offer an analytical dashboard where you can see who shared your link, who reacted to it, and what kind of interaction it was along with other specific details like the location, demography and time. With all this information, you can improve upon the weakness and hone your strengths.

We at believe in growing together and thus, we leave no stone unturned to help you grow. So, what are you waiting for? Make use of our URL shortener earn money platform and say goodbye to boring and useless links!