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Why Use A Link Shortener?

Back in the day when Twitter included links in its 140 character count, using link shortening services was very important. And we know why it was so. But, now when the restriction has been removed and the link is not counted in the character count, why is it that we still see URL shortening sites…

best URL shortener

Make Money from Your Blog with URL Shorteners

Think about the time when you started your blog. You just started letting your emotions flow and sharing ideas, information, and updates with the world. But, today after you have invested a lot of time, money (maybe!) and of course, the energy and efforts in building a loyal reader base, you sure expect some returns,…

best URL shortener

How to Use URL Shorteners for Marketing

Marketing is the most quickly changing sphere of business today. Old ways of marketing are fast becoming obsolete and new ones are emerging almost every day. To stay upbeat with your competitors and to make sure you reach the customers in the best way possible, you should make use of the latest tools and techniques.…