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Why Use A Link Shortener?

Back in the day when Twitter included links in its 140 character count, using link shortening services was very important. And we know why it was so. But, now when the restriction has been removed and the link is not counted in the character count, why is it that we still see URL shortening sites mushrooming? Well, we are glad that you asked. And we are here to answer this question. Smart marketers know that using a short URL generator is important. And if you don’t know that yet, it is time you get to know why.

Well, the first thing that makes URL shortening sites a go-to place is the aesthetic aspect of link sharing. When you are reading a beautifully written article and you see links like https://random-numbers-that-dont-even-look-pretty/vduwiqBDGIWbjvjp/ your reading gets interrupted, isn’t it? And here comes the hero and the savior of the masses, the link shortener! With a link shortening service, you can create links like “read.this” that don’t hamper the flow of the text for the reader.

Other than the aesthetic aspect of things, there is another major marketing advantage that a URL shortener offers. And this is the power of analytics! Most URL shortener websites offer tracking and analysis services too. This means that you can find who viewed your link, who shared it and also the timeline of views and shares. With apt analysis, you can get apt results and improve!

At fc.lc, we make sure that you get both these benefits. We take your long, boring and sometimes ugly links and give you short and simple ones that come with tracking options too.

We have been in this business for a considerable amount of time and thus, we know how things work. We know how to create beautiful links that you can track and use for marketing purposes. And that is just that we do. We help you. And in more ways than one! Yes, yes, there is more to what we have to offer.

We also pay you. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? Getting paid for using a service? But, yes, that is how nice we are. Well, let us explain how we are able to do that. Marketing is the most important aspect of business and to be visible to people, companies pay whatever amount it costs. When you shorten a link with us, your viewers get the short link that redirects to the original one. And while it is redirecting we get paid by some companies who want to advertise in the redirecting platform. We get paid for this and we share the revenue with you.

We know that we can grow only and only if you grow with us. We appreciate you and as a reward for choosing us and our services, we give you the option to shorten URLs and earn money.

So, what are you waiting for? Shorten links and earn money today! Also, don’t forget to make use of the analysis and track your link!