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How to Zero In On the Best URL Shortener – A Guide

In the 21st century world, no one has time! We want everything to be short and simple. From long love letters, we have shifted to emoticons and from typing out things in detail, we now use acronyms and short forms. But what about long URLs? While the link to the homepage of any website is small and easy to remember, as you go to the different pages and on specific contents, the links become longer and uglier. When you want to share a link with someone and you use long URLs that look something like http://most-probably-something-spam-because-of-the-random-letters-and-numbers/, people will not click on it. Whether you are using that link just to share an interesting or informative article or using it as a form of online marketing, you will not get much success. To convert long, ugly, unappealing links to short, sweet and more likely to be clicked links, all you need to do is make use of a URL shortener.

With redirects and hopping, a URL shortener will make sure that you get links that people will not disregard as spam. With short links like, you can avail a lot of benefits. Your content is likely to get shared and your online marketing campaign is more likely to be successful with this. But, which is the best URL shortener that you can use? Well, the best is the one that offers you two things:

  1. Pocket-Friendly Service
  2. Tracking Facility

At, we offer both things in one place. First of all, we don’t charge you for our services and secondly, we pay you for sharing the links. Sound fun, isn’t it? Well, it sure is with by your side.

We make sure that you get beautiful links that will get more impressions and we make sure that you don’t have shell truckloads of money for this. Confused about how we pay you?  And most importantly why? Well, a link shortening service creates a bridge between the long link and the short link. And while your audience is being redirected through this link, we have some other clients who advertise at that redirecting site. They pay us and we share what we get with you.

At, we believe that sharing is caring and we can grow much more when we work together. We offer you a service and then share our profits with you. This is simply how we build a family of people who work together in sync and harmony.

Not sure if we will live up to your expectations? Well, you can have a look at the payment proofs and know for yourself. We have amongst the highest payment rates and the most efficient service. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look around our website and know what we offer. At, we are a holy union of URL shortener earn money. You get the service, you get a share in our profits and we get the satisfaction of serving you with nothing but the best.