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Make Money from Your Blog with URL Shorteners

Think about the time when you started your blog. You just started letting your emotions flow and sharing ideas, information, and updates with the world. But, today after you have invested a lot of time, money (maybe!) and of course, the energy and efforts in building a loyal reader base, you sure expect some returns, don’t you? How about if you get paid for your blog? Just like Adsense you get paid for your blogs, but in an easier and more effective manner. Wondering how? With a short URL generator!

When you share shortened links in your blogs and people click on those links you will get paid. Also, if you shorten the link to your blog and share it with people who click on the link, you will get paid. This way with shortened links, you can earn a lot of money with your blogs. Confused about how a free link shortener can pay you? Well, the logic is simple. When you shorten a link, you basically get a short link that ultimately redirects to the main page. While the link is being redirected your audience will see an advertisement. They can skip that or click that, which is none of your concern; you get paid when there are eyeballs on the ad due to the link that you shared. The advertiser pays the URL shortener and they, in turn, share the revenue with their partners, that is, you!

At, we do exactly this. We make sure that when we grow, you grow with us, like a big happy family. We offer you the service that you require for free and then we share our profits with you. With, you can not only use your blog to earn money but also get short and pretty links that will attract audience to your blog. With increased traffic, you can also expect to get more Adsense revenue.

What sets us apart? There are three things. First, we believe in sharing is caring. We want to build a community that grows together and that is why, we don’t shy away from sharing a part of our revenue with you. Second, we offer services that you can place your trust in. We deliver what we promise. You can see the payment proofs and the customer reviews too. We don’t disappoint! And third, when you share link and earn money with us, you will always have the satisfaction that you are working with the best in business.

At, we also offer you a 20% referral bonus. Just as we share revenue with you; you can also share a good word about us with your friends, family, acquaintances and more and get referral bonuses from us in return. After all, sharing never goes waste. Also, we have a featured administrative panel where you can detailed statistics about user engagement with your link. With high payment rates and low minimum payouts, we offer a complete package deal. Don’t stop, start earning today!