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How to Use URL Shorteners for Marketing

Marketing is the most quickly changing sphere of business today. Old ways of marketing are fast becoming obsolete and new ones are emerging almost every day. To stay upbeat with your competitors and to make sure you reach the customers in the best way possible, you should make use of the latest tools and techniques. One such innovative and the often under-valued way that can be used in marketing is URL shortening. A URL shortener can not only make it easy to share links but also help you in marketing. How? Read on to know how you can use URL shorteners for marketing:

  1. Track the Shortened Links: While short URLs themselves make it easy to use them on social media, they come with a tracking option to. You can now track who clicked your links and thus, stay updated with your audience dynamics as well.
  2. Add Short URLs at the End of Videos: When your ad campaign also involves videos and ads, then you can use a short link at the end of the video. Instead of mentioning long links that no one will remember, you can use short links that are easy to remember and helps direct people to the site that you want.
  3. Use Short URLs in Printed Matter: Booked a big hoarding for your ad? Or have pamphlets to be distributed as a marketing strategy? Well, long links that are printed on paper will not be useful. People will never type http://long-confusing-mix-of-codes/so-boring/counting-to-infinity/ to go to your website, but will sure consider something that can be easily typed, like!

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