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Short Links and More Reach: Shorten URLs and Up Your Game

When you read an interesting article and would like others to share your pleasure, what do you do? Call them and dictate the link to them? Obviously not! This is the 21st century and we have become too tech-savvy; we tweet the link and let the world know what caught our attention. But when you share the URL and your tweet looks like a mix of slashes, spaces, random numbers and God knows what! A complete mess! Are you sick of ugly looking URLs that take too much of your space? If yes, a short URL generator or a URL shortener is what you need.

A URL shortener works as middlemen and helps you use a short and sweet link instead of long links that are just random numbers and symbols. With a redirect, a URL shortener will help you get attractive URLs that will increase the user base.

Though link shortener is a very useful tool, there can be some sites that are free link shortener but then they redirect multiple times. This will frustrate the user. But the user would not mind one redirect if it gives the user a simpler URL to reach the content.

We, at, make sure that the user i.e. the audience does not get troubled either with too many redirects or a very long URL. “Hey Samantha, visit to read something exciting!” is always easier than “Please visit example-random-words-and-symbols-that-make-no-sense/123456789”. We help you get there.

We, at, offer top-notch link shortening service and two things make us the best. First, we don’t charge you. Yes! You heard it right, our service is absolutely free. And secondly, we pay you. You heard it right again. We pay you for using our services.  We generate revenue when someone clicks on the shortened link that you created and while diverting to the actual URL, the users land on an advertisement page. We share this revenue with you.

Also, we offer a range of benefits that will help you with your marketing and branding as well. Some of the advantages of using include:

  1. 25% Referral Bonus: Sharing is caring and when you share a good word about us, we will show how much we care about you.
  2. Administrative Control: You are the boss and you are in charge. You get complete control from the administrative panel.
  3. Detailed Statistics: We know it is important for you to know the facts and figures about our URL. We give you that too. We are a one-stop solution!

At, we are true to our words and so we have the proof of the payments that we have made right on our website. We know you are using the link shortening service for ease of your audience and you are our clients, we want to offer you the ease of earning with our path-breaking services.

We know how important it is to be multitasking now and so we bring to you the twin benefits of shorten URLs and earn money at one place,!