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How to Create Short links to Increase your Earnings – A Beginner’s Guide

All of us have at some point in life, shared links we find useful or entertaining with others. The hassle of copy-pasting a long link is something that we have all experienced. To save you from the trouble of presenting long links to others, URL shortening services are now being provided.

In recent years, there has been much ado about link shortening services and their use. These teeny tiny links are being used daily in huge quantities and exchanged numerous times a day. You might even have heard that link shortening is an incredible way of earning money without actually making any hefty investment yourself. And that is pretty much true! If you are a beginner, you might be wondering what is this fuss all about?  Is link shortening a hoax or is it really worth something? Well, the good news is: link shortening is a real thing and it can even aid you in earning a decent income.

Here is an introduction to link shortening and a helpful beginner’s guide and some more details for your benefit.

What Should You Know about Link Shortening?

The main question that arises in the mind of many is what is link shortening? Link shortening is converting a fully loaded long link into a shorter one that is convenient to handle. This shorter link looks quite presentable and is easier to share with others through your blog posts or social media accounts. Once the user will have access to these shorter links, clicking them would lead him to the original webpage through redirecting.

The trend of link shortening started off in Jan 2002 through the introduction of Tiny URL by Kevin Gilbertson. With this creative prototype, he reaped the benefits of an early entrant. Soon, many other brands were jumping in to provide link shortening services.

Why do we Need URL Shortening Services?

Who would have thought that link shortening would actually be a thing in the future? But to be honest, URL shortening is one of the most widely used and effective tools on the internet today. Not only has it helped users gain access to short and precise links but has also made it possible to earn money in the process. Here are a few reasons to use link shortening services:

  • The shorter URLs are aesthetically quite pleasing. A long link can make certain content totally useless for users. This is because no one has the time or patience to look or copy long links. The links of the past were no less than a nightmare with an unending strip of characters going on forever. We help our clients in getting sweet and short links that are easy to share without getting others anxious about them.
  • Previously while sending important emails, a frustrating phenomenon was noticed by everyone. Inserting long-winded links was not only time consuming but due to text wrapping, often the link got broken. This broken link was useless for the receiver because often it was beyond the scope of cure. To save yourself from sending a tedious link, choose our website to conveniently shorten any long links.
  • With new social media restrictions like Twitter with its limited character tweets, writing a million characters of links can take up all your space to convey a message along with the link. The new generation is fond of sharing every moment and long links are simply not acceptable. Make your life easier with short links that are easier to share.
  • Shortening links is a treasure trove in itself. If you didn’t know this before, it can quickly and easily help you with real-time data analytics. You can keep an eye on your short links and understand your audience better. Get to know which country do your avid readers belong to? Where are you getting the heaviest traffic from? Once you get the right insights and performance report, targeting your audience for higher profits is a stress-free task. Make content that would be appreciated widely on these statistics and will get more shares in the long run. You can even get to know the click-through rates with some short links providers.

How to Start Making Money with Short links

Making money with short links is not as complicated as some might think.

  • Firstly, you can get yourself registered with us as a beginner. Sign up now and you can see the magic happening immediately. You will simply have to enter your information and create an account to start. As soon as you complete this process and your accounts get verified, you can straightaway start shortening your links.
  • Enter your long and complex links in the tab and get them shortened within a matter of minutes. You can copy these links and use them on-the-go.
  • Now the next step is to share these shortened links with others. Use these links on various social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc. You can even mention these links in your blog posts on your website.
  • As soon as you start sharing these links and driving traffic, you will start earning money too. You will not only be protecting and managing your links but you will be getting a certain amount with each click made by different users.
  • We have a variable payout facility ranging from $3 to $10 per 1000 clicks depending on where the traffic is coming from.
  • The best deal that comes with our services is that you can even enjoy a 25% referral bonus by inviting your friends and family to register themselves with us.
  • Getting payment is a swift and easy process. There are no complicated protocols to follow and you can easily receive the amount you make through PayPal.
  • Not only can you make money while driving traffic and through massive sharing, but also by looking at the statistics that these links will provide you. You can now learn how to manage your blog well and increase your earnings by knowing your audience. Through our unique feature, you can even create innovative strategies to address the needs of your relevant audience.
  • Talk to our dedicated representatives in case of queries or problems.

Final Words

Earning money is no easy feat, but it is now with our link Shortening Services. We ensure that we provide a genuine forum to our clients where they can increase their income in multiple ways. Get started now so that you can reap the rewards of our wonderful program.