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How to Get Started With Fc.Lc URL Shortener

Ever wondered how people make money via URL Shortener? You are at the right place!! We are paying you guys up to 10$ for 1000 Views. This process may vary for traffic in different countries. You can see our payout rates as well.

How to Create Fc.Lc URL Shortener Publisher Account?

  1. First you have to get to the sign-up page which is listed on the top right side.
  2. Then List down the stuff we are asking for like, email address, user name (Must be Alphabets and Numbers) and a password to protect your account.
  3. Check your email and account and make sure you check inbox as well as your spam mail because in some cases your mail goes into spam.
  4. Now go to your account and login with your email address and password.
  5. There you go, guys, you have your very own Fc.Lc URL Shortener account.

Make sure to go to Settings and then profile and enter your details like name, address, and phone number withdrawal information such as Paypal or Payoneer. Note that it is very important to enter your valid details as we send gifts to our members regularly.

You must be wondering how to make shorten link?

All you have to do is, type your URL on the bar given on the website. After logging in there you would see a site where you can track all you shorten the link and keep track of all of them and how they are doing. Let’s as an example you type in ““, you can click on shorten and a new short URL will be created for you.

Is URL shortening an easy way to earn?

All you have to do is Create Short Links of your any video, post, and image then place it on your site, even if you don’t have a site you can always post links on social media sites such as Facebook, WhatSapp, Instagram. Note that as your views will increase the chances of you earning through these links will also increase.

It would be even better if you have a mobile application or movie site where you can easily utilize this. It will most definitely increase the number of chances that people will click on links. As everyone would be downloading files from your site and with that these file also be attached.