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URL Shortening: Small URLs That Drive Big Business

Marketing and branding is everything in today’s world. You need to build an online brand for your business and have content that keeps the audience coming back. One of the most important things here is how this content reaches your target audience. The simplest answer is through the URLs. And managing the links that include URL shortening and redirects are very essential elements. The first impression is the most important one and you need to have a short and sweet URL that helps you build customer trust and subsequently drive big business. A URL shortener will help you achieve the following:

  1. Say more in fewer words (basically staying in line with the social media trend)
  2. Build customer trust by not sounding spammy or untrustworthy
  3. Reaching a wider audience and keeping them updated with the latest content.

When you shorten a URL, you make it easier to remember and share for the audience. This helps you build your brand. When you shorten a link, you break the click and land process into a simpler step. When the audience clicks the link, they first land on a redirect page and are then directed to the original link. Also, this intermediate page can be used to earn money, letting people post ads here. The simple pay-per-click earning now comes bundled with link shortening tools.

If you are looking for the best URL shortener, we at fc.lc are your partners in shortening links and earning money from it. We know how essential it is to deliver more in less and we help you do that. When you shorten long, boring and unappealing links to short and simple, sweet and attractive ones, you not only get the advantages of link shortening but also get to earn money with it.

At fc.lc, we do not ask you to pay us for our services rather we pay you for using our services. This couldn’t have gotten any better. When you think of URL shortening, think fc.lc because we are not a standalone service, we are a package of services. The benefits that we offer to you include not just free service, but we also pay you. And we have very low payouts too.

Some other advantages that you will get when using our services at fc.lc are:

  • Detailed Statistics: So that you stay on top of the number game.
  • Dedicated Support Team:  Whenever you need us, we will always be there at your service.
  • Control through Administration Panel: We know nobody else can be the boss of you. You are your own boss and we give you all the control.

At fc.lc, we offer a 25% referral bonus that helps you increase your earnings substantially just by spreading the good word! Not only our impeccable services, but our satisfied clients will also vouch for our trustworthiness. We have our payment proofs on our website; you know you can trust us when we have nothing to hide.

We at fc.lc are a URL shortener earn money, both rolled into one. One place, all solution!